What is Diamond Painting?

What is Diamond Painting?

What Is Diamond Painting? A Beginner’s Guide

Similar to both cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers, diamond painting is a new creative hobby that has taken the world by storm, especially fans of DIY crafts. Crafters all around the world have fallen in love with this activity because it is easy to learn and incredibly rewarding. Even novices and people who struggle with other crafts find diamond painting relaxing and enjoyable. Mastering the basics is a breeze, and people of all ages and skill levels can create breathtaking artworks.

What Is Diamond Painting?

Diamond paintings, also known as DIY diamond paintings, are diamond painting designers who combine exquisite and sparkling man-made crystal flat round diamonds (some are square diamonds) with well-designed patterns. The painter only needs to extract the point diamond tool. Stick the diamond on the corresponding symbol on the canvas, so that you have completed the pasting of a diamond, and you can get started in a few minutes, and then slowly fill in the area corresponding to each symbol.

Diamond painting canvas

The diamond-encrusted base canva is the culmination of the hard work of outstanding designers, allowing the shining resin diamonds to be more closely united, giving the DIY diamond painting the most sincere soul.

The diamond-encrusted base canva is composed of many circles (or squares). In order for the resin diamonds to have a more shiny effect, the designers arrange the circles one by one according to a special matrix effect. Some patterns have only one-color circles, and some patterns also have many-color circles. Different color circles correspond to different colors of resin diamonds, making the picture colorful and distinct.

The diamond painting has been attached to the diamond-encrusted base canva with the glue for the consumer to set the diamond, without the need for the consumer to use additional glue, which improves the safety and convenience of the operation, making it possible for children from 6 to 60 years old. Able to set diamonds, many customers tell us that DIY diamond painting makes complicated things so simple.

The diamond-encrusted base canva is a special fabric. If it is slightly stained, it cannot be washed with water, and it needs to be wiped with a wet towel. But at the same time remind consumers that a beautiful diamond painting needs your careful care.

Why You Should Try a Diamond Painting Kit?

DIY diamond painting brings together the current popular DIY concept and the most fashionable flash diamond concept, so that it can arouse great attention in a short period of time and become popular everywhere.

The DIY diamond painting goes deep into it and enlarges the DIY state more accurately, which has been recognized by most people. At the same time, because of the diversification of the patterns of beautiful dot decorations, and the desire and ability of creation exist in everyone's subconscious.

DIY diamond paintings replace the new era, add a high-end color to the home life, the people's living standards have improved, and handicrafts bring a new gift to lovers.

1. It can help the elderly to spend time. Give them DIY diamond paintings to pass their leisure time.

2. Cultivate children's hands-on ability and patience. Let DIY diamond paintings improve their knowledge and aesthetics of color, cultivate children's hands-on ability and patience, and make them love the world more.

3. You can give gifts to friends. You can give your friends finished products to express your feelings, or give your friends products to let them experience the happiness and sense of accomplishment.

4. You can decorate your home. You can hang the framed finished product in the living room, study, and bedroom to add artistic flavor. You can also invite friends to visit the new house and proudly tell them "I made it by myself!" Put a hand-made picture at home The diamond painting, that is never tire of it!

DIY diamond painting is another emerging market after cross stitch. Products can be made by men, women and children regardless of gender and age. The DIY spirit pays more attention to an attitude to life, a kind of pleasant leisure pleasure. Therefore, more and more people have become the mainstream consumption of this type of leisure and entertainment. Today, regardless of the elderly, children, or young and middle-aged; whether women or men, everyone loves this kind of leisure and entertainment, and the DIY diamond painting technique just satisfies everyone's inner preference. Many people have a soft spot for this kind of leisure after seeing their finished work or after getting the admiration of their friends.

What is Custom Diamond Painting?

You can choose a photo of your liking and send it to a diamond art selling company. They will convert it to a diamond painting kit and ship it to your address. You can literally choose any photo for custom diamond painting.

What is the best size for diamond painting?

There are different sizes of diamond painting Kits. The bigger the size of a canvas, the better the effect you will get at the end. Smaller canvas can give a “Lego brick” effect, while bigger canvas give a more realistic piece of art.