How does Diamond Painting Work?

How to Get Started

Doing Diamond Painting is very easy! To start, remove part of the protective film on the canvas and place the crystals on it, following the simple colors/symbols legend provided.

IMPORTANT TIP: The Painting kit canvas comes with a protective film. Never remove this film completely at once! The surface of the canvas is sticky, if you take off the protective film your canvas will be exposed to dust, it could then dry out and do not stick anymore. When you start your Painting, lift it a little at a time as you proceed with the painting. If you have to interrupt the work, remember to cover it again with the film.

Step One

Peel the clear protective film off the pre-printed canvas.

Step Two

Choose a symbol from the canvas that you would like to work on. 

Step Three

Match the symbol with the corresponding diamond color code using the chart on the canvas and then find the correct diamond bag. 

Step Four 

Press the tip of your applicator tool into the wax.

Step Five 

Touch the applicator tool to the faceted side of a diamond to pick it up. 

Step Six

Align the diamond with its corresponding symbol on the canvas and gently press it into place. 

It really is that easy! Repeat these steps until you have placed colored diamonds over all of their corresponding symbols on the chart, and you will have a dazzling finished piece. The creative process is stress-free because we only sell premium diamond art kits that include everything you need to get started.